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Short Video Ads

Copyartwork offers on-Demand short video ads freelance services

We are living in an era of digital advertising. All companies, large or small, advertise their products. It helps to increase sales and revenue of an organisation. More entertaining and knowledgeable the video more will be sales.

The value and importance of video ads as a storytelling medium and marketing tool has grown considerably in recent years. The inclination of using online video advertising among marketers is on the surge. It’s become more and more important for businesses and brands of all sizes to use social platforms to increase exposure. As video ads levels the playing field for all corporate bodies.

A recent study by Cisco reports that video ads will account for 82 per cent of Internet traffic by 2021.

However, the resources and services to create compelling and creative video ads have been inaccessible for entrepreneurs and small businesses because of expense, time and proximity.

Copyartwork, with 15 years of experience in the marketplace of creative and digital services for entrepreneurs and small businesses, provides the facility to get Short Video Ads as a freelance services from expert freelancers.

With the mission to champion entrepreneurship by creating on-demand access to the services that are helpful for their growing businesses, Copy artwork comes with another facility; video ads services as a freelance services by expert and professional freelancers.

With social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat requiring much iteration to test, ads can cost into the thousands of dollars. For small businesses and entrepreneurs that are already strapped for cash, it makes no sense to spend that kind of money for one product, but rather create multiple versions to test and enhance. Through seamless access to an expanded set of video services, Copyartwork is enabling marketers and brands to work with top talent to create engaging short video ads across every platform imaginable.

We all know it very well that video content becomes an increasingly important asset for business growth.

As a company Copyartwork is devoted to every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey, we recognized the opportunity and demand for a broader and more detailed set of video ads services and tapped into the incredible wealth of talent.

Some services entrepreneurs; small businesses and marketers can expect to find in the Video Ads categories include:

Vertical and square video ads

Bumpers and pre-rolls for YouTube

On-location video production

On-location product videos

The addition of Short Video Ads services illustrates that Copyartwork continued onboarding of high quality, professional talent across its marketplace.

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