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Separation Tips


TIP 1: How to print separations from Illustrator:

Make sure you unlock everything first (ctrl, alt, 2)

1. You will print the base and colors out separately. So select the base and delete it.
2. Go to file and select print
3. Select your printer or rip software ex: Accurip epson 9900
4. Under Media select custom
5. Go to marks and bleed on the left and select registration marks and page info
6. Go to output on the left and change the mode from composite to separation
7. Go back to media and select custom again.
8. Go back to mode and make sure all the spot colors are selected except for no print. (Make sure there are no process colors selected)
9. Print

After the colors have printed out you want to go back to the original file undo the deleted base, and delete the colors. Now you follow the same steps to print the base out.

*Please be aware that we do not offer separations in the .cdr or Corel Draw format.

TIP 2: Specify the size.

Even with vector files that can be re-sized afterwards, it will usually make your job easier to let us know from the start what dimensions you need the separations done in.

TIP 3: What files to upload.

Basic Color Separations: We currently do not offer separations in "Corel Draw". For basic vector color separations we require Illustrator Full Vector files.

Bitmap Color Separations : The design must be in at least 300dpi. If it is low resolution, we recommend having it vectorized and having basic color separations done. If you need Index or Simulated process separations done, we require the artwork with a transparent background (you can get background clipping services done at our other site "" here:

Files that are too complex may not print well if printed through basic color separations done in illustrator as the colors will "knock each other out", and would work better if separated in Photoshop and saved as pdf or jpgs.

Also, please make sure to specify what format you need the files returned to you in.

**Remember that you can have a design vectorized by us through our "Copy Vector" service first. Please make sure that the file you upload for the color separations is correct and approved by any clients, etc.
Changing the graphics will require the separations to be done over again and will be a new charge.
We do not take any responsibility for incorrect artwork that is uploaded through this service, even when it is a design we vectorized you must proof and approve it yourself before submitting it for separations.

TIP 4: Understand the printing process used before requesting Separations.

There are 4 processes for screenprinting separations we do through our service:
1.Spot Color silkscreen separations
2.Tru Process color separations
3.Simulated process color separations
4. Index silkscreen separations

The one that is right for you depends on what screenprinting process you will be using.

For more information about different types of screenprinting, please take a look at this page:


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