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Rastor To Vector

Vectorizing for Sign Shop-Vinyl Cutting

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Many sign shops create their image using single color vinyl cutouts that are pasted together on a backing material to create the artwork the customer has orders. Vectored files or raster to vector converted files are a must for this process, as it creates smooth lines and contours that plotters are able to read. Vinyl plotters read the wire frame in a vector file converted from raster files and translate that into motion of theneedle and it moves across the vinyl material.


What makes vector file, or raster to vector converted files for vinyl cutting different from regular vectored files is the way objects are created. Graphics artist and designers, when created vectored artwork from raster files, are more concerned with how the artwork looks visually and is not concerned with the structure of the objects and how they are created. Object can be created and placed on top of other objects to created a desired look, but since vinyl plotters look at the wire frame of each object, overlapping will create multiple cuts and excess of paths that could potentially ruin the material. For this reason, raster to vector artwork for vinyl cutting purposes is created as single, solid object without halftones and no overlapping.


Also, all outlines must be converted to curves through raster to vector file conversion. Otherwise, the plotter will read the outline as a single path running along the center of the outline. Converting outlines to curves in a process called raster to vector file conversion creates a new path that follow the outside of the outline, make a solid object that can cleaned and pasted onto the material creating an outline around the artwork.

Rastor To Vector