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Tutorial 12

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Contouring Logos in CorelDRAW 9

Adding an outline around logos or text can be an effective way to add impact and readability to your signs and vehicle graphics. CorelDRAW’s Interactive Contour Tool is simple to use. But, there are a few extra steps you’ll want to take to refine the contour and make the graphics vinyl-ready.

First, apply a contour to your desired object (we’re using a Century 21 logo at 16 inches wide):

  • Select your graphic, then bring up the Interactive Contour Tool
  • In the Contour Properties bar that appears at the top of your CorelDRAW window, select Outline, 1 Step, the amount of Offset and the Fill Color for your contour
  • Bingo. Your logo has a contour.
  • But, if you don't get these same results, your logo may not be a combined object. Combine it (Ctrl-K) and try again.
  • Or, if your logo has multiple colors, combining it will make it one-color. So you’ll want to create your contour from a duplicate (Ctrl-D) of your logo

Now, let’s make corrections in any errors that can occur when contouring text elements within the logo (we’re also removing the insides of the contour to show how that’s done ... this is of course optional):
  • Separate your logo and contour (Arrange > Separate)
  • To remove the insides in your contour, Break Apart (Ctrl-K), then Weld (Arrange > Shaping > Weld) it into a single object by clicking Weld, then the Contour object (this welds it to itself)
  • After welding the Contour, it will come to the Front; send it to the Back (Shift-Page Down)

  • If an error exists, as it has in the case of our Century 21 logo around the Registered Trademark, zoom in on the area that needs correcting

  • Bring up your Node Editing tool (double-click the Contour element, or hit F10)
  • Delete the unwanted node (double-click it, or hit Delete)

  • Correct the flat spot by converting it to a curve (select the line; click your right mouse button, then select To Curve)
  • Pulling from the center of the line, drag the line out until you have the shape you desire

  • You’re Done! You now have a cutable logo and a perfect 1/4” Contour outline