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Fast Turn Around
Most jobs are delivered within 24 hours (Majority of which are delivered between 4am and 7am pst). Furthermore, if you require a job to be turned around within two hours, we provide a same-day service. This is especially convenient if you have an emergency and need immediate graphic designing support. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you when you are in an urgent situation.
USA Customer Support
Our Customer Service office is located in sunny Southern California, open from 7 am to 5 pm PST. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with your problems, so try giving us a call. From our ten years in the screenprinting and embroidery business, we know how important it is that you be able to effectively communicate and interact with the people creating the artwork. A lot of companies are overseas and cannot offer the same quality and real time support that we are able to provide.
We charge $14-$18 on most vector jobs. Through our streamline process we are able to give a price that is affordable without loosing any quality in the completed artwork.
Our parent company has worked in the wholesale embroidery, screen-printing and vinyl plotting industry for over 10 years. We understand your position and know how to help you with your Vectorizing and Digitizing problems.
Satisfaction Guarantee
We will work on your file until you are happy with results. If corrections are needed, we have no problem going back and doing all that we can to make sure it comes out just as you expected.
Month End Billing
Unlike most of our competitors, we want to make sure you have your files and are happy with file before we take any form pf payment. That is why we have an honor billing system, billing once a month at the end of the month. We find that most of client use us over three times a month and prefer a one-time charge on their card instead multiple transactions. It also helps us to reduce down on paper work, charging all orders at once.
Special Service
If you have a certain way you want your art, or need special attention due to international reasons, let us know. We can customize your experience with us if needed.
Award winning Digitizing Dept.
We sew out 90% of our left chest and hat digitizing files. Because we do a sew-out before sending the artwork, we have a low correction rate. We are able to correct any thread breaks or alignment issue that might occur. We can make any adjustment needed and give back the file within one business day. We understand we might not be the cheapest in embroidery digitizing but we feel our quality is unmatched compared to other digitizing firms.
Resource Guide is not only just a Vectorizing and Digitizing site; we are converting into an Industry Site. We have links that will help customers find other people in the industry that they can use for their services. Our tutorial pages can help customers understand issues they might have within the vectorizing and digitizing spectrum.
World Wide Market
Because we are a website, we can provide services not just in Southern California, but also across the world. We have customer from several countries: Australia, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, China, all across the USA, and many more.