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Hire a Freelancer

Our “Hire a Freelancer” is an additional service that is beyond our normal service. You can hire an outside independent artist that can help you on the project and you can work directly with them or we can be involved during the process. It's completely your choice! You don’t have to deal with the frustration of overseas communication, if you don’t want to. A lot of our independent artists are within the continental US. Upload that information in the “Hire A Freelancer” section in your control panel and we can come back to you with a quote and additional information. Give us a try on your next project and you will be surprised at the quality of independent artists on staff.

How Does It Work?

Howitwork Account

Create a free account and login.

Howitwork Select

Select "Hire a Freelancer" from your control panel.

Howitwork information

Fill out the information you'd like the artist to have.

Howitwork quality

We will send a quote for you to approve. A 50% deposit is required for us to begin.

Howitwork proof

A progress proof will be sent for you to either approve for completion or request a revision.

Howitwork final

After final payment, you will receive the completed files.