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High Quality Digitizing Results

Thank you for looking in to our digitizing service! We understand you have many options, and many of them are cheaper. What we offer here at is a high quality digitizing service that cannot be matched by less experienced and cut-rate services. We provide a comprehensive service that includes follow-up support from our high quality and first rate customer service. We understand that the digitizing job does not end when we deliver you the files – it ends when you are 100% satisfied with the end product, and we provide both the experience and expertise to accomplish this.

Below are the top reasons to choose the high quality digitizing service over the cheap, cut-rate services you see advertised:

  1. The images displayed above are taken from our embroidery shop located here in Ontario, CA. We use them to provide our customers with sew-outs of every job we digitize so we can be certain of the quality before delivering it. When it comes to digitizing, every design sews out differently, and to maintain our high quality standards this procedure is essential. It is also one of the things that cheap and less experienced services do not provide.
  2. Unlike most digitizing services, we have extensive knowledge of the entire embroidery process. started as an additional service for our brokers to complement our wholesale embroidery business. By combining experience from both the embroiderers and the designers, we provide an expertise that is unsurpassed in this industry.
  3. Our company has always staked its success on the ability to recruit the best digitizing talent and produce high quality work. Unlike the cut-rate services, we spare no expense when it comes to hiring designers. Our current team of digitizing talent has a combined 60+ years of experience which you can leverage to provide sustained success in the embroidery industry.
  4. Our customer service representatives are located on-site in our California offices, and they are trained in every aspect of the embroidery process to provide you with the support you need immediately over the phone!
  5. In case you need PC to PC support, we offer sessions from our customer service department! This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with any of the functions of the website or Wilcom digitizing software.
  6. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap services out there that will try to save time by using automated digitizing features. We NEVER use any automated features because we know that quality digitizing is only possible when it is created by hand from beginning to end.
  7. All of our designers use Wilcom, which is the industry leader in digitizing software technology.
  8. Our prices are based on flat rates and not on a price per thousand like the cheaper services like to do. This guarantees that our digitizing is provided to you at the highest possible quality – without any extra stitches packed in to drive up the price.
  9. Give us a try and experience the difference in our quality digitizing service for your self.