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How to Choose the Artist for You

  1. The three deciding factors:
    1. Style- the artist’s style of illustration is the most important factor when choosing the artist.  Choose the style that best represents the artwork that you are looking for.
    2. Turn-Around-Time- an artist’s turn-around-time is another important aspect to making the decision of which artist you want.  The listed time has potential to be off by a couple of days, so make you decision based on the time frame that you have available.  The turn-around-time will also fluctuate based on the amount of corrections that you want.
    3. Price- do not use price as the largest deciding factor.  In the end, you will pay for what you get.  Stay in your price range, but find an artist that can accomplish your idea, at a rate that you can afford.

  2. Rating:  The artists will be rated based our "5 Star" rating system.  A rating of 5 is the highest and most sought after rating by our artists.  Ratings are based on: efficiency of the artist, availability to make changes to the artwork, response to quotes, etc.

5 Star System
    3. When you submit a quote request for your artwork, we will reply with up to 10 quotes from 10 different artists.  You will be able to choose from those 10 suggestions.  The 10 artists will be comprised of 2 of your choice, and 8 computer generated random selections.  If you aren’t happy with the quotes that you received, you may resubmit your quote request, and you may get 10 different responses.  Artists will have 24 hours to respond to your quote request.