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I am not comfortable giving my credit card information out to a website I don't know. Do you have any other billing options?

Yes. We completely understand your hesitation. We have come up with another option for this situation. The option does have it's drawbacks; paying by credit card does guarantee a continual flow of business for both the client and

  1. Paypal. We can Paypal you a bill (once or twice a month) or you can pay us whenever job is done. Our PayPal account e-mail is: The draw-back is that once we bill your account (once or twice a month), your account is on hold until the bill is paid. We have a paypal page that will help you through the payment.



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How secure is this website and my info?
We do everything we can to secure your private information. We are a secure website, no private information is given to ANY other third party. Our database is secure and is checked on a daily bases. We have a  highly knowledgable web team working on the database daily.
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What are your hours of operation?
We have customer service representatives here from 7:00am – 5:00pm pst Monday – Friday.
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How do I get the file when it’s done?
You will receive an email within either 24 hours or the time quoted for the project with a link you can click on to download the completed file. Also, you can log in to your account and download the file from the "Manage Jobs" section.
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How do I set up an account?
 Click on “Sign Up” tab. Once there, fill out all of the information that is asked for and press "submit". Please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions Page before signing up. If there is any problems with your set-up we will contact you as soon as we can.
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How do I upload files to your site?
Once you are logged In, please select either 'Send Artwork' or 'Send Digitizing' buttons. Fill out all the information that page requires. On “file” section, click the browse button and look for the file in your computer. Once you have located the correct file, Press Open, that should put you back at the Send Page. Fill out any additional information in the text boxes and press Submit.
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How will I be billed?

 We charge your credit card once a month at the end of the month. Please note that there is no monthly fee for having an account with us. You only get charged for the orders that you place.

Credit Card Accounts:

On your banking statement, your credit card transaction will say We will send an open statement report about 1-2 business days before the end of the month, with your statement.  On the last business day of the month all payments are due, we will slide your credit card that you have on file. After the billing;if there was a decline on the card, payments are late and can put your account on hold.  A notification will be sent out to your email letting you know that the card was declined.

PayPal Accounts

We will send an open statement report on the about 1-2 business days before the end of the month with your statement. If you have a PayPal account, we also send a PayPal Payment Request to your email address.  On the last business day of the month all payments are due. After that time we will send off any PayPal reminders that haven't been paid. After billing if payments that are late and we will have to put your account on HOLD until payment is received.


If you have a dispute on billing, please contact us as soon possible. If you need us to send an individual invoice for each daily transaction, please let us know and we will email you one ASAP.

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What if I need to upload more than one file for my order?

You can approach this in different ways..

1. Another method would be to Compress the files together and send us the Zip/RAR file in one shot. WinRAR or Zip Files: If you do not have WinZip or WinRar, you can download a trial version from the links.  After that, upload it in our system as if it was one file.

2. FTP: FTP the files into our FTP section. Please contact us for more info.

3. E-mail:  Please mention the number of files in the "File Instruction" section of the order form. Once you finish uploading the main file in our system, send us an e-mail with rest of the files attached. Please make sure to mention the order number in the e-mail as well.


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I need a revision on the art you made for me. How do I get a hold of you about this?

Revisions or corrections to orders that you uploaded through the website can be submitted by logging in to your account and going to the "Manage Jobs" section. Once you are there you will notice a list in chronological order of all of the orders you have submitted. On the right hand side of every order is a button that says "need corrections?". Click on this button to bring up the order correction form. Once you have filled it out, click submit and the request will be automatically sent to the art department to be processed.  

Please see this easy instructions image that shows visually and simply how to upload corrections requests:

At copyartwork, we make sure that you are satisfied with our work by making revisions for no additional fees. This is assuming that the request is within reason. If we determine the request to be unreasonable or require excessive labor as a result of an issue that was not our mistake, additional fees may apply. This is rarely the case but we must reserve this right to keep people from taking advantage of the system.

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How do I get a quote?
 If you want a free quote you simply click on the "Misc./Info" button on the top and then select the "quote" link. Fill out the contact and order info. Once you have uploaded the file you can click "submit" and the quote request will be immediately processed. You will be contacted via email with a quote and can either agree to process the order or simply not reply or decline. Those who have not yet signed up for a free account will be prompted to do so before the quote request can be submitted as an order. Please note that to protect the customer from unexpected charges when submitting orders, it is our policy to always get confirmation before proceeding on any design that will cost more than the price option selected by the customer when submitting the order.
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How do I open EPS files in Corel? / Why does my EPS file look blurry in Corel?
All EPS format files should be able to open directly into Corel Draw. However, if the file requires graditents and complex shading, it need to be in a Corel Draw file.  Artwork is normally redrawn in Adobe Illustrator, which recreates shading and gradients differently then Corel Draw.  If you request an EPS format that you plan to open in corel and the artwork is very complex, there is a good chance that it will not open.  The best solution is to ask for a Corel Draw format, specifying the version you are using.
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What DPI is the file you sent me? / What is a vector file?
 Vector files do not have DPI (Dots Per Inch) because they are not made from dots. They are made from lines that can be made bigger or smaller without sacrificing the clarity of the image. That’s what makes them so useful. If you want more info you can go to this site for a more in depth explanation of the difference between vector and bitmap images.
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When will I get my file back?
99% of our jobs are done in less than 24-48 hours. Most of them are done much sooner than that. However, if the file is very complicated, we will send you a quote for the turnaround time before starting on your artwork. 
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Can you vector photographs?

 We can redraw photographs in the vector format. However, before placing this type of order, you should be aware of the limitations of the vector format when it comes to recreating the kind of detail that is in photographs. When a photograph is vectored, it usually ends up looking more like a painting of the photograph because a lot of detail is lost. It is very important to understand that it will NOT look the same as the original. The best way to understand what happens when a photograph is redrawn in vector format is to look at examples on our gallery page.

Despite the limitatiosn of the vector format, there are several good reasons why people get photographs vectored. A lot of times people get photographs of logos or signs vectored so they can be cut on a plotter or digitially printed. Probably the primary reason that photographs are vectored is because the design needs to be color separated for screen printing. Another reason would be because the design is needed in a format that is easily modified. Finally, sometimes people get a photo vectored because they like the stylized look that vector art has.

Please note that vectorizing photographs is time consuming and will usually cost more than the standard $14 - $18 job. These jobs should be uploaded as special requests and will be quoted on an individual basis.

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I didn’t get a confirmation email when I uploaded the art, is there something wrong?
Yes, most likely there was a technical issue and your order was not processed after you hit the submit button. If this occurs, please make sure your file is not over the 10mb limit and send us an email with your vector or digitizing request. Usually this is a temporary issue and you will not have any trouble the next time you submit an order. However if you find that you consistently do not receive confirmation emails for your orders, please contact a customer representative and we will resolve the issue immediately.
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My file won’t upload for some reason.
 Most likely the file is too large. If you are able, convert the file to a jpeg and retry. We cannot accept files larger than 10 megabytes. If the image is too big (over 10MB or Larger), please make sure to compress
(either with WinZip or Mac StuffIt) and then send the compress file. Stuffit or Zip Files:.

If you do not have Stuffit or WinZip, you can download a trial version from the links (Mac StuffIt) || (PC Winzip)

Upload Time: Depends on the size of your digital file and the speed of your internet connection, it may take a while to complete. Please wait until the upload is done. Upload Time for a 4MB file, with DSL, appr. 5 minutes.
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Do you accept art by fax?
 No we do not. Your best option is to scan the image with a 350 dpi and attach it to your work order.
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The file I downloaded from your site won’t open, what should I do?
 Vector files can only be opened with certain programs, specifically, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. If you do not have these programs you cannot open the files. We provide a proofing file in .jpg format that looks exactly like the original. If you cannot open the file in your vector program email us with the order number and the program and version of the program you are trying to open the file in and we will get it to you in a way that works for you.
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Am I signing up for a subscription service, where I can send so many jobs a month for a set fee?
No, there is no subscription fee. The only charge is the price per order that you submit. Signing up is completely free.
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How can you charge $14-$18 for Vectorizing when my graphic designer use to charge me $50-$200 for the same thing?
We can for several reasons. One reason is we only do Vectorizing, we do not create original artwork, logos and go back for proofs, etc. Those things are time-consuming for the graphic artist. Your graphic artist charges for his artistic talents in creating something new and clever. We only copy what is already done. Another reason is we have been doing the same thing for many years in Southern California, and we found different ways to streamline artwork with an artwork staff that is amazing.
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If a person sends you art of any kind, original or otherwise, you have the right to use it anyway?
We respect our client's business and their files. We have strict guidelines to make sure no other client will receive another client's artwork. Our bussiness respects our customer's clients and and knows that privacy is very important in doing third party business. There is NO way we use the same artwork for one customer that another has paid for.
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I am thinking about ripping you off for some free artwork, will I get away with it?
No. We start off our relationship with all our new clients with trust and good faith. We make sure we focus on the artwork first before we collect any form of payment. On most occasions you will receive the artwork and will not be billed until the end of the month. We want to make sure you're happy with the artwork before we get paid. For those whose intentions are bad we have certain steps to insure payment and prevent new orders being completed. We have a special collection agency that specializes in internet fraud that does not mind collecting small bills and a few other steps to make sure we collect the payments. Why ruin credit for something less then $20.00?
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Why do I need to convert outlines/curves?
When you upload partially vectored graphic files to our server, your files have the fonts from your computer link into them. When you try to open the same file on a different computer the graphic program searches for the font file/s for same font/s. If the font is not there the graphic program will give different option to replace with font in that computer. Since our objective to vectorize/digitize the file the way you want them, we want to make sure it is exactly what you give us.
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What is your price on digitizing?
We understand your customers don’t understand pricing per thousand stitch or trying to figure the price on a job and then changing the price because the stitch count was a lot more. That is why we have flat fee for our digitizing service.

$15.00 for jobs under 4000 stitches (Mostly back hats logos, most small items under 3” wide, etc.)

$30.00 for All left chest and hat designs that are over 4000 stitches.

$80.00 for (99% of time ) Jacket Back Logos
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What is your cut off time for Digitizing or Vectorizing service for next day service?
For Embroidery Digitizing it is 5:00PM PST
For Artwork Vectorizing it is 5:00PM PST

We do our best to offer our customers the fastest turnaround times. If you have an emergency, please feel free to contact a customer representative and we will accomodate you to the best of our ability.
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Can I Advertise on the site?

No, we don’t offer any paid advertisement to be place on our site, But we do offer link exchanges for free. Please go to our Link exchange page for more info. We do offer any link exchange with any digitizing or vectorizing companies.


If you need a banner please check out banner page.
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Do you offer same day service?
Yes but only at certain times. Please read this page Same Day Service for more info and instructions.
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Why do I receive a second Paypal money request after I have already paid it?
If you receive another Paypal money request after having paid the first one it is because you paid from a different email address than the one we have on file and you are receiving a reminder meant for those that haven't paid yet. If you do not want to receive this reminder then you have to cancel the first Paypal money request you receive. If you do not cancel the first one then you will receive a reminder but it does not mean we have not recorded your payment.
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How do I make corrections?

Requests that are emailed to us are usually taken care of within an hour; but during times of high order volume, it may take a couple hours before the customer representative even sends the request to the art department to get processed, this delay usually means that you will not get the edited design back until the next day. If you log in to your account, there is a red link next to each completed order in the "manage jobs" section that you can click on to send a request directly to the art. It is essential to submit your requests before 10 am if you are expecting to have it back within the same day.

For more info click HERE

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I want my artwork to be color separated for screenprinting. Can this be done?

We can vectorize the artwork so that it is ready for separations through our copy vector service. We can also limit the number of colors, change colors, etc, however, separations are not done through our copy vector service.

We do have another service specifically for this called the "Color Separations" service. We have various methods of separations to fit your printing process. Since separations are very specific to the printing process it is best to know how you will be printing exactly before placing an order.

You can see more about our "Color Separations" service here:

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