Vectorizing & Digitizing your only source
15 Years Of Experience | USA Office and Support!

$14 to $25

embroidry Digitizing

Digitizing Price Starting at $15!

Let our digitizer help you on you next embroidery project. We are USA base and do a job less than 6-8 hours if needed.

We started Copyartwork 15 years ago because we wanted to challenge the status quo on how artwork was Digitized. No more waiting for your guy to be free or be in line until he or she get other people. If you need to give us files after hours just uploaded and you are taken of as if you gave to use business hours. We are open 24/7.

Yоu саn gеt mоѕt of the embroidery drawings ideas from the internet. You gather your ideas and make your own digitize drawing and have them set to so we can digitize your logos. Thеrе аrе graphic files that can bе dоwnlоаdеd frоm a раrtісulаr internet ѕіtе for free. Fоr these downloads tо work рrореrly, уоu wіll nееd tо have an some kind of graphic design software so you can manipulate the image into a file that can digitize for you.

The way we challenged the status quo was by making digitizing cost effective, building a team of professional graphic artist to maintain a high level of quality, and returning your project files back to you within 24 hours (or less if needed). We make great digitized files your business can depend on. Why don't you give us a try today!

We can convert a raster file or a vector file to embroidery digitizing within a few clicks of your computer. The process of converting a file for custom embroidery requires the file to digitize by embroidery software.Our digitizing process is eye-catching and high quality. We assure you our digitizing process uses the best embroidery digitizing software to assist giving us the latest technique to help the embroidery results. We guarantee ALL our work with customer satisfaction at top of our list.

We can digitize your images into 3D puff embroidery for your hat embroidery. We done 10000s of files and know have the experience to know what to do.

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Digitizing - $15 for jobs under 4000 stitches (Mostly back hats logos, most small items under 3" wide, etc.)

Digitizing - $30 for All left chest and hat designs (under 5.9" in size) that are over 4000 stitches.

Digitizing - $80 for Jacket Back Logos (anything 6" and up).

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