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Embroidery Digitizer - the Key to Success Embroidery Production

Do you have a logo that is in need of digitization for your embroidery however you don’t have a embroidery digitizer in mind to help you? You would be prone to quickly surf the web to find the cheapest site to digitize and you find a site that charges pennies per thousand stitches. From there, you email your file and hope for the best. However when you do get your files back, at a later time frame as you would have hoped for and at a random time, the digitized files is not the greatest. You tell yourself, you’ve seen worse but still, the lines are not as clean as you would hope, there’s too much stitches and the sequence is all wrong. For a moment, you want to get in contact with the embroidery digitizer to get a correction done but due to the prolong time of getting your digitized files back, your best bet is to move forward with the subpar digitizing to meet your deadline.

You move forward and finish production on your embroidery order, clean the apparel and box up the order. The moment of truth arrives when your customer comes to pick up and the order and he/she opens up the box to inspect the order. You realize you’re in trouble the moment your customer’s faces goes from ecstatic, opening their “Christmas present” to see their finished apparel, to sheer disgust and anger. Your customer rejects the ENTIRE order on the spot and you are now left with taking a huge loss with repurchasing the apparel on your behalf as well as getting the embroidery digitizing files redone.

What went wrong in this scenario?

The first step in the embroidery process is digitizing the artwork you received or created with the approval of your customer. However you went to the cheapest site online and received bad digitizing files and ran with it due to the time crunch brought by the delayed files sent by the embroidery digitizer. You used the wrong embroidery digitizer for this project and by wanting to save a few dollars on the digitizing, you are now stuck with repurchasing apparel that will cost a couple hundred dollars to keep your customer happy. Using a low quality embroidery digitizer is the same as if you brought cheap thread or needles. By trying to cut corners in the most necessary features in embroidery, you will eventually pay for it at a later time and in a different way.

You need a qualified embroidery digitizer that not only has embroidery machines at his/her disposal, but who has years of experience in the field, such as knowing the different types of apparel, thread and needles, as well as who is experienced and is adept in the embroidery jargon.You require an embroidery digitizer that has a correction policy in place if needed and can get any work done as quickly as possible.

Copyartwork has all these qualities and more for you, with over 15 years of experience and located in Southern California. You can pick up the phone and we can have your projects done as quickly and correctly as possible. If for whatever reason, you are in need of corrections, you can contact the embroidery digitizer to get your corrections done as soon as possible.

Turn to for all of your embroidery digitizing needs! We have been working with numerous clients all over the United States and continuously exceed our client’s expectations by providing superior embroidery digitizing services. Our team of experienced embroidery digitizers make sure that your projects turn out as you envisioned on the apparel you embroider. We оffеr ѕіmрlе affordable and offer a flat rаtе pricing and quick 24 hоurѕ turn аrоund. Gеt in touch wіth us right away fоr a no оblіgаtіоn quоtе. Wе would love tо assist уоu іn your all еmbrоіdеrу digitizing needs!

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