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Digitize Photographs, Digitizing Pictures and Graphics

In order to create files that can be created for embroidery purposes, you need a convert your photograph into a digitized photograph which is available in our digitizing photos services. Depending upon the style, detail, and size of the picture can determine how many stitches are needed in the digitized photo. Stitches can be created and removed based upon the spacing between the stitching. However, there is a minimum stitch spacing that is needed, and too wide could create small holes in the stitching that shows the fabric. However, you don’t want to little spacing, as there could be an excess of stitches that will bunch up the digitized graphic and possibly ruin the fabric

Small photographs, such as one word text or logos that are no more then 1.5 inches normally run below 4000 stitches. Here at, we can digitize such photos for embroidery digitizing for $15.00.



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