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  • - Any Image can be Digitized
  • - Low Res JPEG Images
  • - Web Images

We created to help embroidery shop owners and customers gain control of their embroidery files. We believe that digitizing files is your digital property and you should have access to them 24/7. We think charging a flat rate is the best practice in doing embroidery. Knowing the cost upfront before even quoting a customer will help turn quotes quicker and give a greater chance for the opportunity to be award the job . The flat-rate system will give the best results because not going to be buried with unnecessary stitches just to raise the prices. We will return the files less than 24 hours and guarantee all our work. Upload your file and see the results today!

Digitizing - $15 for jobs under 4000 stitches (Mostly back hats logos, most small items under 3" wide, etc.)

Digitizing - $30 for All left chest and hat designs (under 5.9" in size) that are over 4000 stitches.

Digitizing - $80 for Jacket Back Logos (anything 6" and up).

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