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We now have an order correction system that will expedite the process. In the past, the customer had to submit requests through customer service e-mails. Since we are busy doing a lot of other things, occasionally a correction submission would go unnoticed or sent out very late. The new system allows you to send the correction request directly to the artist through your account on the website.

Follow these steps to submit your correction order request quickly and efficiently.


Step1: Control Panel

Log into your account and navigate to your control panel. Once in the control panel click “Manage Files” on the side menu to open a list of all previously placed orders.


Step 2: Select your file

Find the file you’d like to have corrected and click the “Need Corrections?” link on the right side of the row.


Step 3: Tell us what to do

Once you’ve found the file and followed the link, simply write a message to our art department describing the corrections you’d like us to make.