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The use of vectored files or convert vector files in the area of screen-printing is a must if you are looking for clean artwork and images that will print clearly onto all types of apparel. Vectorized files allow artists and screen-printers to separate the colors individually, allowing them to print their screen easily and quickly for each color needed. Vector files are key essentials “tools” to make sure items scalable vector graphics for printing needs.

Depending upon the use and the style of the artwork converted to a vector file, the color scheme can differ from file to file. For example, is the logo fairly simple using only four different colors that you can match distinctly, spot color processing is the way to go. However, if the vector artwork is an actual photograph or there is a lot of detail and colors in the artwork, CMYK 4 color processing may be the best route.

The difference between the two is not necessarily the number of colors, but what colors are used and how they are implemented. Converting vector files from the raster images is possibly less than 1 day. When we do work for you, the file starts in the form of a raster image and goes to a vector which the file size is reduced to a more reasonable workable size

Converting vector files and can work for black and whites images to a CMYK file. A CMYK is 4 color processing prints out much like a printer, using four colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, mixing a certain amount of each to achieve the final look. Whereas spot color processing uses specific colors that are needed in the vector artwork. For example, for a file that only has 4 colors, (red, black, green, and blue, for instance) you can use just those colors instead of trying to mix them together.

Another type of conversion is if you need a jpg converted to an SVG format. Upload the image online and we can turn into a vector format and resave it into an SVG format. We can convert a grid of pixels to convert into a print-ready file.

Whatever your needs are and need help convert to vector files we are here to help. have 20 years of experience, a 24/7 upload form and award-winning customer services to help you. Sign Up for a free account today and see what we can do for you.

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