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CHEAP DIGITIZING - Fast & Affordable Digitizng for Embroidery. Cheapest Digitizer with Top Quality Artwork

The Art of Choosing Cheap Digitizing

It is hard to find a good deal in cheap digitizing artwork. Most people would just go for the cheapest digitizer online without considering the quality of the work. The problem with going for the cheapest digitizer in digitizing artwork is that the quality goes with the price too. You get low quality digitized artwork which compromises not just the quality of embroidered clothing you produce but also the performance of your embroidery machines. It is true you get away with a cheap digitizing price but lose quality on your products, and maybe even your most prized customers!

Copyartwork.Com offers the cheapest digitizer online with a top quality artwork that works best on your embroidery machines giving you high quality products and maximizing the efficiency of your embroidery machines since the digitized artwork works seemlessly with your embroidery machines. Our long time customers have spoken about the quality and quick turn around of our digitizing artwork that has helped them not only produce quality products but has also saved them from rush work, pressing office superiors and maybe even their job. You can check our testimonials page and read about their comments and experiences about how CopyArtwork.Com has helped them trmendously with digitizing artwork.

Cheap digitizing on small logos, such as one word text or logos that are no more then 1.5 inches normally run below 4000 stitches. Here at, we can offer digitizing embroidery Designs for $15.00.