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$14 to $25

$8.00 Vectorizing - Easy Vector Files

We now offer an $8.00 vectorizing price rate for very simple images that will not take much time to recreate. If you feel that your image falls into this category, click the $8.00 option when submitting an order. Please note that selecting the $8.00 option does not automatically guarantee that you will be charged the $8.00 rate. All orders are subject to a price increase if the art department deems it non-applicable as an $8.00 vector.

In addition to the simplicity of the image, there are other qualifications necessary to be applicable to the $8.00 rate.
  • The image must be vectorized in one color only.
  • The submitted file must include only one design.
  • The submitted file must not be a large size (i.e. too large to email or upload).
  • The file must be uploaded by the customer to the order submission page. If a customer service representative is needed to upload the file, the image is no longer applicable to the $8.00 price rate.
  • The $8.00 price rate must be selected by the customer when the order is originally submitted. Orders cannot be changed if they are submitted as a $14.00 or $18.00 order.
  • Rush orders are not accepted at the $8.00 price rate. Please upload rush order requests through our "Rush Service Quote Request" section to get a quote.
  • Orders may not include changes or adjustments to the design that is provided. $8.00 vectorizing will be done on an as-is basis. We will still allow corrections to the vector file received.